A legacy of fearless confidence is your right.


Are you tired of playing a role that doesn’t fit who you really are and all that you have to offer?

Do you experience one challenge after another which hold you back from your real goals?

Have you had enough of trying to fit in by hiding the power that has been burning inside you all along?

Are you ready to strip away the masks and illusions so you can know and share the real you with the world?

Are you hoping to finally be seen, and feel the boldness required to liberate yourself from all of the factors that have been holding you back?

Salim Elias Halder

So many things in this world can help you acquire comprehension, wisdom, and experience about particular industries and skills.

However, there are not so many worldly models through which to obtain emotional balance, divine insight, and overall life mastery skills.

These deeper, occult concepts have been unlearnable because you haven’t had much to recognize and imitate in pursuit of true understanding.

Your lack of knowledge and experience in these areas have left you vulnerable to manipulation and exploitation.

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Everything that exists holds a certain energy and has a function programmed into it.

Animals follow their instincts, apples want to be eaten so their seeds spread to different places and humans are constantly desiring what they don’t have because we are programmed to continuously experience all existence and therefore grow.

Everyone has a certain destiny, a program, that they are unwillingly trapped in. This program triggers challenges, life-changes, uplifting moments and even death.

To change your life you need to be taught how to analyze & understand your “program” and then re-program your life to reach your goals without the pitfalls.

Mastering these areas is possible, and doing so will make you qualified to be a leader and not just a follower.

Mastery over your emotions and energies, spiritual powers, and life survival skills gives you the duty and privilege to rule over those beneath you as a loving responsibility.

Elias Halder

Regal Power means divine self love.

It may have been conditioned out of you by an intentionally uncaring society.

Sovereign reclamation, however, is in reach. It goes much further beyond simple confidence and self esteem – beyond typical boldness or status.

It is an aura, an energy of command, an undeniable presence.


The new, true version of you is waiting on the other side of your journey towards self enlightenment – a powerful version of you that you can finally see and be proud of, but which you always knew existed.

You just haven’t known how to uncover that self, re-program life and embody who you were always meant to be.

But together we will work to unearth, mold, and polish you into the sparkling diamond you are destined to be.

True divinity does not come from seeking validation, rather it comes from seeking growth and taking over control.

The ultimate level of power comes from being responsible for your knowledge. Many are important, but only some are regal – of which sovereignty forms the basis.

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You are the only one who can choose what kind of life you want to live. Embrace the divine God that you truly are.

About Anewbiz.


Elias serves as an empowerment mentor, clairsentient psychic, and original founder of ANEWBIZ.

As a young person, Elias’s life was anything but calm and controlled. Following a near-death experience with possession, subsequent suffering at the hands of dark magick, and a series of narcissistic relationships – Elias was ultimately led to the doorsteps of tragic personal loss, PTSD, self-hate, poverty, depression, and financial ruin.

In the pit of despair, Elias discovered the one solution that could bring him back to his true power: reclaiming his divine strength in order to heal from his life’s past tragedies.

In doing so, he was able to begin his work serving as a supportive guide to others who have faced their own suffering and are ready to find a tangible way to reclaim their confidence and power.

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He took it as his mission to liberate his client’s from what doesn’t serve them and re-program their lives.

As a first step, Elias compiled his findings and mission into his YouTube channel which has since led him to build a humanity-centered empire connecting people all over the world with the support and strength of an understanding tribe.

His transformation from washing hundreds of cars a day to building a marketing & sales company as Elias Halder, an international e-commerce empire and his career as spiritual empowerment coach known as Anewbiz.

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Elias’s strength is derived from his experience and dedication to embodying and honoring the divine energies of Truth, Courage, Justice, and Love. In his inherited and hard-fought sovereignty, Elias is able to assist others with creating the life of their dreams.

An undeniable spirit of compassion and wisdom flows through and around Elias – the result of her God-given psychic and magickal abilities, as well as Spirit Realm expertise.