King Asmoday is also called Sidonay, and Asmodeus.

Asmoday appears as a three headed man – he has a human head, ram head, and bull head.

Asmoday teaches astronomy, geometry, willpower and he can lead to great ideas and lessons.

He is under the direct command of Amaymon.

Asmodeus is also called Asmoday and Sydonay.

His zodiac position is 5 to 9 degrees of Virgo.

The best date to work with him is from the 28th of August to the 1st  of September.

His Tarot Card is 8 of Pentacles.

His favorite Plant is Mint.

His Animal is the Whale.

He rules over the planet Neptune.

His favorite metals Blue Copper.

His element is water.

His Rank is King, “King of the Demons”.

He is among the legions of Amayon and rules 72 legions.

As he is a day demon, it is better to call him in the day time.

Asmodeus is the chief astrologer of hell and oversees the gambling halls in hell.

He is a very busy demon.

He was commissioned by Seraphim. He rules many areas of pleasure.

He prefers to be invoked bareheaded (without hat or headgear) and teaches the art astronomy, arithmetic, craftmanship, and geomancy.

He answers all questions, discovers and treasures and allows reading the thoughts of others.

Asmodeus confers invisibility and can dissolve marriages/relationships.

Asmodeus has a human mother and a god father. He has deep black hair with a braid over his back and an olive complexion. He is extremely polite. He speaks softly in a soft voice. 

Enn chant: Ayer avage Aloren Asmoday aken



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