Astaroth appears as angel on an infernal dragon which represents his balance.

Astaroth is both demonic and angelic.

Astaroth has connections to Inanna the Sumerian Goddess, Ishtar, Astarte, Aphrodite, and many more.

Astaroth’s other aspects like Astarte have been worshipped to fix and control love.

Astaroth is great to achieve a great status or promotions, make new friends, and foretell the future and tell the past.

Astaroth Demon Crown Princess of Hell
What you need to know about Astaroth
Astaroth is skilled in divination
And has access to hidden knowledge
and Astaroth’s biggest gift is wisdom.
Astaroth can help in works of
love, protection and lust.
Astaroth has high authority
And has always been kind to me.
Some say Astaroth is male
And some say female
But the truth is that both is right
Astaroth has both aspects
Just like Lucifer can also be very female as well
Gender is not important
Both is equally strong and accepted
But my personal experience was
That Astaroth has shown me her female side
Astaroth has many names
And maybe you have already heard some of them
Astaroth was known
In Ugaritic language as Anat
To the Sumerians as Inanna
To the Phoenicians as Ashtaroth and Tanit-Ashtart
To the Akkadians and Assyrians
As Ashtart, Astoreth, Ashtoreth and Asherah
To the Canaanites as Astarte
To the Babylonians as Ishtar
To the Egyptians as Aset, Ashet and Isis
Astaroths’s planets are Venus and Jupiter
Her Tarot Cards are
Ace of Cups
And 3 of Pentacles
Her Zodiac is Taurus
And 10 to 20 degrees of Capricorn
Special Dates are
15th May until 20th May
31st December until 9th January
Her directions are West and Southwest
But some people say it is South or North
Her animals are the Viper
and Cobra
Her favorite colors are:
Green and brown
And some people say
blue and red
Astaroth’s day is Wednesday
She likes the metal copper
Her favorite stones are
And Beryll
Astaroth’s favorite plants are
And Cinquefoil
When it comes to herbs Astaroth prefers
And Dragonswort
Astaroth’s elements is earth
It’s better to call Astaroth during the day
as she is a day demon.
She likes Sandalwood incense
Offerings that she appreciates are
Any of her favorite plants, herbs and stones
You can also offer candles in her favorite colors.
Especially mauve-colored candles.
You can call her by chanting
Tasa Alora Foren Astaroth
Astaroth rules 40 legions of spirits.
She has the rank
Grand Duke of the Western Regions of Hell
And she is crown princess of hell
Make a pact with Astaroth
She answers truly
about your past, present and future.
Astaroth represents ease and luxury.
She is the most excellent advisor you can have.
She can create relationships between you
And people in power.
She can give you insights into secrets
And send you prophetic visions about the future.
She is the perfect teacher of liberal sciences
And she can discover all secrets for you.
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Enn chant:  Tasa Alora Foren Astaroth



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