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King Belial has been personified as the “Devil” in Christian and Jewish texts.

It is said that Belial has been created directly after Lucifer.

Belial can assist in self-initiations and manifest will into flesh (physical manifestation.)

Belial demands sacrifices such as sexual fluids, incense, and candles.

His zodiac position is 5 to 9 degrees of Pisces.

The best date to work with him in from the 24th to the 29th of February.

His Tarot Card is 8 of Cups.

His favorite candle color is Orange.

His favorite plant is Mullein.

He rules over the planets Jupiter and Neptune.

His favorite metals are Tin and Neptunium.

His element is Water.

His rank is King.

He governs 80 legions.

He was of the Order of Virtues.

As he is a night demon, it is better to call him during the night.

Belial distributes titles and presentations. He reconciles enemies and friends and provides confidants. He can help with career advancement and help to reach a higher position. He can bring favors from others, even from his enemies. Belial is thin, smaller than most demons.

He has platinum blonde hair.

Enn Chant: Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehl Belial




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