President Botis appears as a viper with reptilian arms holding a burning sword in his left hand.

Botis can reconcile enemies and friends, reveal secrets, and help in making important decisions.

His zodiac position is 20 to 24 degrees of Gemini.

The best date to work with him is from the 11th to the 15th of June.

His Tarot Card is 10 of Swords.

His favorite candle color is White.

His favorite plant is Lily.

He rules over the planets Saturn and Uranus.

His favorite metals are Lead and Uranium.

His element is Air.

His ranks are President and Earl.

He governs 60 legions.

As he is a day demon, it is better to call him during the day.

otis helps with important decisions and strengthens your courage. He protects you from the hatred or envy of others and helps to reduce tensions in the household. Botis explains the present and past and reconciles enemies and friends.

He appears as an old man. He is bald and has long white, wavy hair. He is wearing a brown robe. 

Enn Chant: Jedan hoesta noc ra Botis



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