21st September till 29 September.  It’s a pagan holiday and autumnl equinox associated with goddess of Green man . An event for witches also call SABBAT. Deities : Thor , the Green man , Morgan . Colors: Red , Orange , Brown , Yellow Herbs : Myrrh, Sage , Theisthe, Marigold . Food: Bread , … Read more



Numbers :9,13,81 ,999 Metal : silver Zodiac: cancer Day: Monday  Elements : water  Direction : Northwest  Concepts: astral works, birth, clairvoyance, madness, shape shifting ,  Divinations, spirituality, tides , unconsciousness, transformation . Tools :Bow and arrow , magick mirror, perfume sandals. Deities : Artemis , Bendies, Diana , IsIs, HEKATE, Selene, Thoth. Archangel : Gabriel … Read more

Planetary deities , planetary hours days .

Planetary deities , planetary hours days

planets represent the higher power of universe beyond the earth . Planets ruling days hour sunrise and each hour next planet in the Chaldean order . Each hour of the day has its own purpose and influence with their planetary deities and hours occultist use planetary hours to make their rituals and spells more powerful … Read more