Haunter of the Dark – Conjuration

He is the servitor of Nyarlathotep and he is the shadow version of Choronzon. The Haunter of The Dark is “The Dweller in the Abyss” that destroys the ones that dare to call him.

The Haunter is the walking madness that creeps through the Abyss, waiting for someone being stupid enough to call him.

He is the manifestation of absolute chaos and is linked with Zurvan, the Primordial Persian God. The Haunter’s thoughts and actions cannot be estimated.

The price for conjuring the Haunter is often the sorcerer’s life as he is demanding an enormous sacrifice.

If no sacrifice has been given to him, he will take the sorcerer’s life without any hesitation. He has many faces and many sides.

To some degree he might not know himself as he is absolute madness and chaos. He is almost emotionless when it comes to pain and love and he knows neither good nor evil.

The Haunter of the Dark is the primordial chaos of the abyss that is the ultimate evil. 

The Haunter is not as powerful as Nyarlathotep, but his gnosis and forces are of great use to those that want to risk calling him forth.

The Haunter is known to come after those  that dare calling him continuously. Those that approach him without respect will die a horrible death.

The Sorcerer experiences the worst nightmare once he has connected with The Haunter. When he takes form, he appears as black fog or smoke and sometimes three burning eyes can be seen.

While his presence is manifesting the sorcerer can hear scratches, noises of destruction, and frightening breaths and weird noises.

Call the Haunter during the night and place a black candle behind yourself. Call Nyarlathotep to get his protection and guidance during the times you are working with The Haunter of the Dark.

Once you feel Nyarlathotep’s presence respectfully ask him to call The Haunter of the Dark. You should feel The Haunter’s presence quite quickly.

Once you can feel his presence you should draw him closer to you by chanting:


Smoke of Madness,

Rise and unleash your presence of pure chaos,

Haunter of the Dark, Come forth!


Come from the Abyss,

Wander through the Void,

I call you Haunter of the Dark!

Come from places without existence and time,

Three Eyed Madness, Arise!


Shadow of Darkness,

Dream of Chaos,

Come through the Labyrinth,

Haunter of the Dark, come forth!


Come out of the Darkness,

Enter my dark temple,

Haunter of the Dark, I call you!


Haunter of the Dark,

Hear my call!


Haunter of the Dark,

Come forth!


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