Hecate is Greek Goddess 

Root of her Egyptian name meaning intelligence and as the Queen of shade she is an Olympian goddess of death and regeneration it was called the most lovely one she works with her will . Practice by Wicca paganism and in witchcraft.

Roman Name :Trivia means leaders of dogs .

She is lightbringer and torchbearer mistress of dark queen of underworld guardian of roads and byways universal door warder and gate garden between this world and other realm. Her association with earth and fertility & cycle of death and rebirth

Hackete is the Goddess of magic and witchcraft she can grant any mortal anything that she wishes to grant them she has power on the sea the sky in the underworld she is also considered as a shapeshifting goddess with her dagger she cuts any such a way that which is no longer necessary .

Her zodiac is Aquarius

Her Day is Wednesday

Incorporated elements Earth sea and sky.

Best time to call her midnight and a New Moon. Her Colours are green black silver red.

Plants are poisonous Greeka held YeW as a sacred to her  Bella Donna , Aconit(hecateis) tacos. She is sometime associated with Cyprus tree symbol of death and underworld. 

Her animals are dog serpent polecats owl ravan.

Her planets are moon and mercury.

Her sounds are Footsteps and dogs howl.

Her symbols are keys tortures dogs and hordes of restless soul feather great giant gate secret keys believed to open the entrance to invisible relams. 

She has a snake like nature often mention in magical invocation and she is described as snaky haired.

Offerings Offerings: red mullet scavenging fish sprat , bread raw egg cheese garlic ek Honey don’t look back after leaving it on crossroads or in graveyards.

when you are at crossroads hackate it is there with her torch light and their ability to transcend  both heaven and hell and her dwelling places on earth she can bring both subconscious and unconscious mind together. she’s a supreme in popular magic guardians guide companion and goddess of women she control over restless soul mean that she could not only protect from Demons but also could terrorize with Demons

She is seen as drinking blood in few visions.

Nature is her sphere.

She can bless or curse man as she chooses.

Only demand she will ask from you is to change yourself your way of living . While working with her she can completely change your personality into a positive one.

when moon is dark she can use her torch for her torch for light and in search for the best pathway to take when we need to make a hard decision for ourselves we are calling on hackate for guidance  the most lovely one is there when a child is brought into the world as she is the Goddess associated associated with midwifery. hekate is 100 asteroid . Morning she is very Stern and Swift.

Invocation of goddess hecate.

I invoke Thee

Great mistress of the heaven Earth and sea

By the light of the Moon and the shadow of the sun

I invoke Thee, mistress of life death and rebirth

Emerge now from the shadow to feed my soul

And enlighten my mind….

listen I am the gatekeeper you ask for directions and I over the keys for you to take your own path if you wish to call down this goddess she will only come if you call her dragon first.

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