Master Evocation

You can evoke any spirit, and you don’t need any tools to do it, but tools help you to set the right vibes for the evocation.

Your entire ritual setting is just there to get you into the right mood, and that’s it. Of course, the Gods love it if you have an altar and a great ritual setting.

They love to see that because it shows that you care about the ritual and the Gods as it shows respect.

However, the Gods can sense your emotions anyway. Your workings are not more powerful because of the many tools and ingredients.

Your mind is your secret weapon to achieve your goals, but you need to get into Transcendence to use your mind as your powerful weapon.

So, if you don’t want or cannot use any ritual tools, then you are good because it’s just nice to have them but not essential for an evocation to work.

It depends on you and is different for each person. You might want to have many ritual tools and a great altar, and so do I, but it’s not a must-have.

Connect with the powers of the spirit you want to evoke. You might be asking, but how does the power feel like?

You are right; you cannot know before you have ever evoked the spirit.

#1 That’s why it’s great to meditate before an evocation and focus on the spirit and build up a connection through meditation on the sigil of a spirit.

#2 You can hold the sigil of the spirit in your right hand if that helps you to connect with the spirit, but you can also just lay the sigil on your altar.

I recommend doing such a sigil meditation right before an evocation, and you can take as much time as you need to feel the energies of the spirit.

You can offer wine in your chalice or make offerings in your offerings bowl, and you can also draw the sigil of the spirit with your consecrated athame.

Use the athame like a pen and draw the sigil into the air.

#3 If you are not already in Transcendence then you should get now into Transcendence and use the Enn of the God or a chant as your mantra that to repeat over and over again to get into Transcendence.

#4 Call the spirit by chanting: “Come [Spirits Name]. Come forth, I call you.” Repeat this chant as often as you want. You can also customize this chant, but I recommend to keep it short and easy to remember.

Another example: “I call you [Spirits Name]. Come through the gates. [Spirits Name], hear my call. Hear my calling [Spirits Name].”

You can customize this example if you feel more comfortable with your own version.

You can get the best results when you are using the most powerful magickal circle.

The powers of this magick circle are beyond human understanding.

The powers of Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and the spirit empower this circle.

Place a thick candle on the field of Fire (IGNIS) 

Recite: “I call the powers of Fire to empower this magickal circle and all my doings.”

Place a potato on the field of Earth (TERRA)

Recite: “I call the powers of Earth to empower this magickal circle and all my doings.”

Place a feather on the field of Air (CAELI)

Recite: “I call the powers of Air to empower this magickal circle and all my doings.”

Place nothing into the field of DA’ATH

Recite: “I call the powers of the Void to empower this magickal circle and all my doings.”

Place your chalice (full of wine) on the field of Water (AQUA)

Recite: “I call the powers of Water to empower this magickal circle and all my doings.”

#5 Now, you should feel how the atmosphere is changing, and you might start seeing flashes, visions, or manifestations.

Now, you should be able to sense the spirit and if not, then you can burn some incense and push the image of the spirit into the smoke with your visualization through your third eye and the smoke will take on the form of the spirit.

You are letting the image of the spirit smoothly flow out of your third-eye into the smoke. It’s not working if you are focusing too much.

You can also visualize the spirit standing in front of you, and you can again use your third-eye to let the visualization flow.

The spirit can then use your visualization and manipulate and customize it. Trust what you are receiving and take notes.

During any communication with any spirit, you should have a notebook nearby to take notes.

Sometimes messages make no sense, but once you have gathered more information the big picture often makes sense.

If your energies are not very strong because you are a complete beginner, then it might be good to burn a candle to give the spirit more energy which helps the spirit to manifest better.

I feel more comfortable when I do not have any lights on, and candles are the right alternative that set the right vibe and also provide light.

#6 Let the spirit know why you have called it. If you have any requests, then now is the time to tell the spirit about your request. 

While you are letting the spirit know about your request, you visualize your desired outcome and send this visualization to the spirit as well.

#7 Once you have come to an agreement with the spirit, you can tell the spirit that you are done and that it may farewell.

#8 Banish your ritual space and clean your aura and soul. Sometimes spirits attract other unwanted spirits, and that’s why you should always banish your space once you are done with your working.

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