Master Invocations

Invocations are a light form of possession where the spirit enters your body and merges its energies with your energies.

During an invocation, the spirit gets very close to you and is within yourself. During an invocation you have full control over yourself.

Invocations are good for people that have problems with their spiritual senses because you and the spirit are exchanging energies.

This process can permanently influence your characteristics and mindset.

An invocation does not need many ingredients or even a ritual space, but invocations are stronger when you perform them in your ritual space with some incense and candles burning. 

This helps you to set the right mood, which makes it easier to enter Transcendence.

Normally you listen to drums, beats or other rhythmic compositions. Especially the use of mantras is very great to get into Transcendence, and here Demonic Enns come into place.

Demonic Enns are sentences in demonic language, and they are basically giving praise to the Gods. There is a different demonic Enn for each God, but for some Gods no Enns are known.

You use the Enn as your mantra to get into Transcendence, and it might happen that you start moving your head up and down or your upper body is moving forward and backwards in rhythmic motions.

That’s happening to me when I’m using mantras as my body is tuning into the sounds and the rhythm.

Once you have reached Transcendence, you will see the God you have called.

Tell the spirit that you call it into yourself and that you invoke its powers and energies.

Once the spirit has entered your self you will feel an increase in power and your body-electricity might change, and you can feel that internally, and you can see it externally when your hair is rising up as if you are getting goosebumps.

Communicate with the spirit with respect, and that’s all you need to take care of. There is no need to use formal language or special incantations.

Incantations are good before the spirit has entered your body. Once you can feel the spirit, you can talk to it as if you are talking to a friend.

When you are done then say farewell as if you are talking to an important friend of yours and that’s it — no special incantation needed here as well.

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