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Master Possession

Spirits cannot possess someone without permission, which means you need to invite a spirit to possess you.

Once you have given your permission for the possession to happen, the spirit can start to control your body.

However, permission is not enough. You need to give up control of your body and let the spirit move your body parts freely.

During possessions, you might experience your hands and legs quickly moving into a direction. Now, you need to understand that possessions are sometimes not immediately possible.

It might take a few evocations and invocations before you can get really possessed. This varies from person to person, but I recommend to do evocations and invocations first.

This is because you might need to get used to the spirits energies before you do a possession. 

If you are not used to the energies, it can happen that you get overwhelmed and even get violent.

In that case, you should immediately stop the possession and stick to evocations for some time and work on your psychology as this violence often comes out of the depths of your mind.

Once the spirit enters your body the powerful energies empower some of your characteristics, and this can result in violence.

You need a clear mind, cleansed aura and soul, good nutrition, and some practice with evocations and invocations before you get into possessions.

Once you have successfully evoked or invoked a spirit, a connection has been established and the more you work with the spirit, the more this connection gets empowered.

You start with evocations, then go over to invocations, then go for possession and at that state the spirit might be with you all the time in your life.

Once you further empower the connection, the spirit will be able to move body parts and if you keep empowering the connection through more possessions a full possession can occur.

Finally, you can invite the spirit to live inside of your body forever, and your soul and energies will merge with the spirit.

I have experienced permanent changes in terms of mindset and lifestyle.

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