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ASCEND 360 Degree 12 Month Premium Program

Many people who possess means and power are held back by restrictions and limitations they may not even be aware of. Some of these blocks are obvious, but others are more difficult to recognize and identify.

It is only possible to have full awareness of these blocks if we have a complete view of the reality of our experiences. But this reality has been designed to take away your sense of power and control.

Most successful people struggle with the same issues – they are either lacking a true comprehension of how to respond meaningfully to life’s greatest challenges, or they are surrounded by yes-men who have no perspective on their potential and how to foster it.

You have crazy potential thanks to your unique skills, background, knowledge, and contacts.

You are interested in taking full advantage of your gifts and resources to leverage your innate strengths and have the edge over your peers and rivals.

You are unsure of how to take that next step and level up your performance for a sublime experience of reality.

Deep down, you can’t deny that you are making progress at a slower pace than your mind is geared to run but you feel like you’re missing that piece to help everything fall into place and jumpstart your ascension to the top.

If this describes you, you’re in the right place to discover the knowledge you need to hone your edge and own your power.

Turning the Tide

Let’s be honest – the world is something of a dumpster fire right now; and most everyone feels disconnected and out of control given the state of things.

But you have always been wired differently.

You’re on the hunt for a secret weapon that will help you combat those feelings of anxiety and fear, allowing you to operate in the world with a new perspective of truth, clarity, focus, confidence, tenacity, and adaptability.

You aren’t blind to the dramatic and dynamic changes that the world is currently undergoing. You know you will need a unique skill set that will allow you to stand apart and rise above the banal chaos.

If you’re ready for greatness, and are in search of a novel, life-altering way to affect positive change in your personal and professional life, you might find what you’re looking for here.

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360 Degree Support

You don’t think like the average joe.

You have a deep capacity for awareness and enhanced cognitive ability, which requires a lot of work to engage and draw out so that it can be broadened and sharpened.

You won’t find another place in the world where you will be able to see and experience real life results like these.

Although current reality is far from comforting, our process is intended to help you open your eyes to a new reality where transformation and growth are possible.

Some people are afraid of the unknown and unseen when it comes to the occult or the underworld, but the best thing we can do for fear is to arm ourselves with whatever methods of protection and defense we can muster.

360 degree support is necessary for these battles.

With such comprehensive support, you will be able to overcome problems you are already aware of, as well as transform problems you’ve yet to recognize.

What does it mean when you can’t recognize problems or aspects of your life clearly?

It means you’re living in a false reality – an illusion.

When your reality is made up of illusions and hidden problems, it could lead to feelings of anxiety, doubt, and fear.

Salim Elias Halder

My job is to break down your false reality of illusions, misconceptions, and insecurities so that you can shine like the diamond you are.

You know that diamonds are formed in the dark, under pressure.

The darkness is where you will find the answers to deconstructing your false narrative and perceptions, although many people ignorantly claim that success can only be achieved through ‘love and light’ spiritualism.

Using the dark intentionally to reveal the light inside of you can help you recognize and respond to those same elements in this world in which we live so that you can reveal and revel in the entrepreneurial diamond that’s been hidden inside for so long.

Some of your glorious facets have already been exposed.

You are a bold risk taker who has always felt like you were on a higher intellectual plane than most of the other people around you.

Elias Halder anewbiz

For you, life on the edge is normal.

You are sure that there is more to life in this world than meets the eye.

You have always had a zest for life, and to live it intensely.

You aren’t interested in leading a ‘normal’ quiet life full of shallow connections and mind-numbing boredom.

Regardless of the difficulties life throws at you, you never back down from a challenge – instead you confront and transcend issues that pop up.

You have come within arm’s reach of the grim reaper on many occasions, yet you have nimbly slipped out of his grasp, without apologies.

When a crisis arises, you finesse it like an expert – as a calm, cool, and collected badass.

You are convinced that there is more to life, and you demand to know how to make the most of it for yourself right away.

You are ready to have your other facets revealed and admired by all.

But if you can’t see who you truly are, you will never be able to be who you truly want to be; instead, you will just stay the same.

If you don’t open your eyes and look for opportunities for growth, you will be stuck in a place of questioning your worth, your skills, and your purpose.

You will be forced to accept that you failed to meet your full potential and capacity when you needed it most.

The potential life-long ramifications for your own self-image are of huge concern to me.

Yet, you have achieved major goals prior to this moment and you are eager to invest your energy, talents, and resources in fostering a future which you can be proud of and committed to.

If this sounds like you, then you might be ready for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to access the piece you’ve been missing.

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My name is Elias Halder also know as Anewbiz, and I am an expert occultist, a clairsentient psychic, and – most notably – your dark Spirit Realm guide.

As a man with an intimate level of power in the Spirit Realm, I have had to undergo, process, and understand countless challenges and conflicts.

I will reveal the code of your life and together we will re-program your life to manifest your desires.

I am able to guide you personally and safely through this otherworldly experience after having gone through multiple baptisms as well as lakes of fire.

I am here to hold your hand throughout this journey, as well as to serve as your personal companion and contact in the Spirit Realm.

My unique qualifications come from my own personal experience with and recovery from heavy and dark spiritual attacks, which have left me extremely prepared to protect your life and survival.

You may not be aware, but high caliber individuals are under near-constant envy-related attacks even when they don’t realize it.

Dark attack magick is just one way this could show up – but sabotage, manipulation, backhanded comments, and defamation in the form of character assassination are other, more common likelihoods.

Often, envy isn’t given due consideration because we may not be prepared to understand just how far others will go to bring down those who have what they lack.

My own family was the recipient of dark magick attacks that ruined my mother’s life, thanks to her envious ex’s relatives who controlled and manipulated her through sorcery – all because they wanted her wealth and power for themselves.

My mother and I were also attacked to keep us down, although it took us many years to discover and understand since the attacks were invisible to us.

That is how this kind of dark magick attack works.

In the aftermath of our family tragedy, I spent years toiling away to take my life back under my own control and out of the hands of these evildoers – and I took an oath to use my own experience, knowledge, and power to help others who were vulnerable to similar attacks.

As it happens, individuals who seek to use their power for the benefit of others are often attacked more severely and more frequently.

Yes, it’s true that trust has a high price and not everyone is deserving of this gift.

Yet, I have continued my work in assisting others who find it necessary to protect themselves from dark attacks and take over full control.

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Some people are apprehensive about entering this realm at all because they fear harmful consequences – mostly stemming from a lifetime of conditioning about ‘selling your soul’ or not accruing bad karma.

However, the truth of the matter is that although some inexperienced and ill-informed people may experience harm in the Spirit Realm, this is an unfortunate consequence of not understanding how to navigate this other world.

I, on the other hand, am fully aware of how to move in the dark realm without exposing myself or you to potential psychic injury while we strategically demolish the harmful and unnecessary connections affecting your life.

Yes, I am a destroyer - a destroyer of doubt, anxiety, and loneliness.

In order to be effective at what I do, I have had to gain in-depth practical experience – going much further than many others who simply dabble in this area – giving me full command over my work’s realms.

It may seem counterintuitive at first, given that the majority of people are taught to build and create instead of breakdown and demolish, but it is necessary for the eradication of the negative and harmful things to make space for what you desire more.

Wouldn’t you like to experience peacefully, gratefully, and protectively the same sovereignty and power that the ruling elite does?

Wouldn’t you like to stop hiding yourself because you’re misunderstood by the mases?

Unlike anywhere else on Earth – here, you will experience both personalized mentoring as well as expert protected sorcery that will open the doors to the life experience you have always hoped for.

My clients have described my mentorship style as engaging, intellectual, focused, and transformational.

Accessing The Spirit World

Get Full Access to the Spirit World

It can be dangerous and risky, if not impossible, to attempt navigating this world on your own. Without a guide or some in-depth experience, you are taking a chance at suffering spiritual consequences that could be difficult to recover from.

However, I am willing to use my magickal and spiritual counter-surveillance expertise to show you how to liberate yourself from these attacks and blocks so that you can access limitless power beyond your wildest dreams.

You are ready to find the edge where your understanding and lifepath intersect to bring you clarity and power now, not months or years from now.

I am ready to help you expand your capacity for wisdom, depth, and wealth simultaneously and in every direction. You may feel small and weak, like a new sapling now, but very soon you will grow into your true being – like a strong and well-grounded tree that is connected to everything else under the surface.

Elias Halder
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Unlocking Your Full Capacity

I see you for who you truly are, and what you are really capable of becoming – and I promise to enhance your strengths and challenge your weaknesses to help you reach the highest level.

A combination of well-honed psychic intelligence and strategy skills for life survival, you and I will explore your deepest blocks to discover what it is that is holding you back from making big gains, and we will work together to deconstruct and clear out these limits.

Can you imagine the potential for change as your capacities expand?

Are you in need of support to help you upgrade your life into a genuinely satisfying experience in which you have awoken your awareness of your true power?

You are formally invited to join me in my sanctuary of discovery.

Here, you will finally come to understand and appreciate your glory, as well as let go of your blocks, your illusions, and your false beliefs.

You will find what you have been searching for, and transform your world into new realities and a new life.

If you’re ready to take on the challenge of uncovering the real you and all you are capable of achieving, welcome home.