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RISE Renegades

RISE Intensive 6 Month Mastermind Program

Are you tired of paying for high-cost mentoring programs that don’t deliver any tangible results?

Are you starting to believe all the mentoring programs out there are exactly the same?

Most of them are indistinguishable from one to the next. These programs are often promoted by individuals who may ‘get’ the business world, but who lack understanding of the real and spiritual worlds.

Many of these coaches and mentors are unable to truly see the world, and you, because they simply cannot access the Spirit Realm.

These people do not see you for who you truly are, and so they are unable to validate your experiences and guide you knowingly towards a more promising future.

Their narrow and limited viewpoint of the world may have restricted your own ability to see and understand your unique self and your capacity for growth.

You are a complete person who has experienced a life journey full of peaks and valleys, and you are in need of a guide who can help you take the steps necessary to achieve meaningful change.

If this describes you, then you are most likely ready for a Divine Upgrade.

It is time to stop throwing money at a problem that others are trying to solve by changing who you are at your core.

You are not a problem. You are the solution.

Maybe you have felt out of place or out of sorts in the past – you might have come to regret certain past decisions and started to doubt your own sense of judgment, or you might have let others decide choices for you and lost your sense of independence.

This is your opportunity to change the course of your life and stop living at the mercy of your past choices.

By recognizing your inner strength and distinct individuality, you will be able to take control and be an independent thinker.

Your differences will no longer feel like a liability, rather you will understand that your unique perspective and experiences have prepared you for a bold new reality.

Are you ready to undergo your Divine Upgrade and come to understand how to think for yourself so you can achieve a meaningful, positive transformation?

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Experience a Divine Upgrade

Walking the path of the Divine is only done by those who march fearlessly to the beat of their own drum.

Your whole life, you’ve been looked at as a weirdo, an outcast, a trouble-maker, a rebel, a loser.

Yet, you’ve longed for a place that felt like home – full of people who understood you for who you are without making you feel awkward, annoying, or alone in your differences.

You’ve been searching for a tribe of peers, friends, and equals – for a love and a life that is genuine and sincere – and yet you haven’t felt true satisfaction when these things have seemed in reach.

But what if you could find belonging in a space where your unique qualities and perspective were not only tolerated – but appreciated, celebrated, and encouraged to grow?

And what if you were able to recognize and receive support from the forces of the spiritual realm, enabling you to pursue and attain what you most desire?

You are on the right path now, seeking a different way to live and see life.

Despite your past attempts to follow conventional advice for being a part of polite society, your uniqueness has made fitting in impossible.

It is not your fault that solidarity and harmony have eluded you for so long. Mainstream society has been designed to keep you disempowered and isolated psychically.

The consequences of trying to be a part of this society may have left you feeling afraid or apprehensive of being your genuine, unique self.

You don’t have to live in fear of judgment or failure any longer.

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This is the moment you have been waiting for: it is time to let your renegade spirit break free and soar beyond heights you never imagined possible.

It is time to master programming the code of your life to manifest the changes you need without back-setting pitfalls.

Here, in this divine, sacred space – surrounded by other rebels, bosses, and outcasts – you will finally find the support you need to march freely to the beat of your drum as a leader, not a follower.

You may have dabbled half-heartedly in the Spirit Realm in the past, but now you will be able to claim it with a sense of true ownership and power.

Opening your mind to the Divine and to the energy and cohesive support you will find in this community will help you shine and succeed.

I once sought the approval and validation of others without knowing who to trust in this world on fire, and my blind pursuit of support and understanding nearly snuffed out my inner light.

Using my connection to the Spirit Realm and the truth of the Divine, I was able to heal myself from the wounds inflicted on me by a society devoted to quieting my drum and dimming my spirit.

Ever since, I have made a vow and commitment to myself to rely on my inner strength for self validation, and to show others the way forward as well.

In a world on fire, none of us will have a choice but to be our authentic selves.

You might have gotten this far in the world without understanding or living as your true self, but in the dawning era, you will be required to be more You than you ever have before.

To not only survive, but to thrive in a world on fire, your soul must be on fire as well.

Your own sovereignty, freedom, and life are in reach. I created my own, and I will help you do the same for yourself.

Elias Halder

Find A Home For Your True Self

Here, you won’t have to spend another minute pretending to be anyone but who you truly are.

I keep rebels and renegades focused and on track by accepting and appreciating them for who they are, without trying to change them into somebody else.

Let’s transform your life and touch your life-code.

Are you ready to come home to your true self?

With guidance and support from the Spirit Realm, I have personally walked out of the darkness and found the path of healing and creating my own sovereignty, and I have helped thousands of others navigate their own complicated life challenges to do the same and manifest their dream life.

In my experience as a mentor, I have found that the majority of people are in need of assistance with these aspects of life:
  • Freedom

How can you free yourself to be yourself?

Independently of where and how these blocks come from, suppressing your true self can limit your abilities and capacities for self-expression, creativity, and connection.

To find freedom, you will have to let go of others’ expectations and find the joy of marching to your own drum’s beat.

  • Business/Career

Would you like to use your innate gifts and qualities to thrive instead of trying to just survive without purpose?

Deconstructing your old identities and rewiring your misconceptions to transform the wealth paradigm of your life is my mission.

I want you to know, without a doubt, that wealth is your birthright; you deserve it.

  • Creativity

What would it take to unblock your full potential so you can inspire, dream, and problem-solve effectively?

Regardless of your particular path towards building wealth, you will have to fuel your journey with imagination and will power so you can execute your dreams.

Together, we will work on putting a stop to internal self-censorship and opening lines of communication and support from higher realms.

  • Balancing of Feminine and Masculine Elements

What would it mean for you to have a true understanding of this dimension?

Genuine and profound empowerment can be realized through this crucial aspect of true sovereignty; however many people have a shallow comprehension of this realm.

I am prepared to help you explore and control both elements so you can be in total control of your identity and destiny.

Working hand-in-hand, you and I will identify and enhance your primal power to affect change in all areas of your life.

Finding Truth and Clarity

You have been searching for answers this whole time but truth and clarity have been inside you all along.

In order to access these answers, you will have to get honest and real about the assets and liabilities in your life.

You will have to determine which of the people who have access to you are inspiring beneficial results in your life, and which are causing you irreparable harm.

You will also need to learn to take yourself seriously – not just in terms of who you are, but also in terms of your goals and aspirations.

I can help you take yourself seriously and rediscover your intrinsic value as an individual – as a rebel and a boss – so that you will then be able to take on the world.

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I have helped many others before you to achieve their dream of getting answers and transforming their lives, and I am ready to help you do it as well.

You will find courage and compassion to pursue the answers you seek in a sacred space, amongst like-minded individuals.

You won’t find easy answers here, but you will find the truth. And this truth will alter the course of your life to send you on a trajectory of living fully and authentically.

Your true self is able to completely control life and manifest your desires.

In living as your true self, connected to your inner strength and value, you will be freed from the bonds of fear and judgment – able to access your divine birthright and legacy.

Salim Elias Halder

What would happen if you allowed yourself to live your Truth?

I have helped countless people design a fulfilling and authentic life so they could see their differences as strengths instead of sources of grief and anxiety.

With a newfound confidence and clarity, many have been able to launch successful businesses, transform their relationships, and break free from the bonds of harmful cycles and trauma.

In addition to accepting their birthright, their value and deservedness – my mentees often learn and receive even more in terms of inspiration, independence, motivation, and understanding..

What are you waiting for?

Are you ready to rise to the challenge?