WEALTH Mentoring Program

Salim Elias Halder

Start Writing Your Own Wealth Story

Have you been deceived by the age-old story?

You know the one – it says that wealth and its owners look and behave a certain way, and that you don’t fit the mold.

It says that you don’t stand a chance at transforming your own narrative around wealth regarding how to get, keep, and manage money.

Of course, many people believe wealth belongs to a select few who have been so lucky or privileged so as to get it through what seems like fate.

What does your wealth story tell about your wealth experience?

It could be that you feel confused, jealous, or even judgmental of those who have what you might see as undeserved wealth.

You may wonder how it is that they have acquired so much wealth when it seems like they color outside the lines, or like they haven’t put in the effort to get where they are in life.

It may seem to you like they possess some kind of secret knowledge you don’t have access to.

And you would be correct to think so. These people do know something you haven’t yet learned.

They are aware of how to manage their money, and they are willing to let money be drawn toward and through them. It isn’t too difficult to understand, really.

In the occult, money is seen as a sort of talisman which reflects your value to the world. Of course, paper currencies don’t carry any intrinsic value, only that which we assign them.

It stands to reason that, if you have not courageously and honestly ascribed any intrinsic values to yourself, you may not attract experiences and resources of value.

You may find that you are not reaching your earning potential, or that you are not able to take your money as far as it should go. Before you blame your financial status on your pedigree, remember that even those born into wealth can lose it.

There are many families who have won and lost fortunes many times over the course of generations, due generally to the impoverished generation’s lack of understanding about the intrinsic value of their own worth.

They might have felt undeserving of their inherited wealth, or unclear on how to keep the wealth that had been previously acquired, but regardless – they chose to ignore the laws that helped to create said wealth in the first place.

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Following these laws can afford any person the opportunity to build and maintain wealth.

I have ignored all of the typical business and financial advice that is shoved down the throat of the masses, choosing instead to live my life as a man who follows my own set of rules in addition to the enduring laws of wealth.

I recommend that you do the same.

Because you are not one of the masses. You stand apart, and you have always had the intuition that there might be another way – a hidden way to acquire wealth.

And you were right.

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Self-Worth, Awareness, And Strategy Are the Keys to Wealth

By identifying and creating your intrinsic value, your self-worth, money will be drawn toward you. The fatal mistake of most people is that they simply consume value instead of trying to create it.

Wealth, however, is your birthright. You must actively step up and claim it by transforming your mindset to embrace inspiring positive thoughts that promote vitality, graciousness, and respect for your life.

Awareness is required for recognizing the abundance of wealth opportunities that surround you, which many miss because they are too distracted by what they can’t see or attain.

When you have reached a level of owning your worth and opening your eyes to the possibilities all around you, you will be ready to develop a strategy for making your dreams a reality.

Want to know how to get started harnessing your inner value to create more tangible value in your life?

Join WEALTH: Transform Your Money Story

WEALTH is an online mentoring program that utilizes independent study resources to help guide you through the process of removing blocks to creating wealth, restoring your sense of self-worth and intrinsic value, and establishing a tangible action plan for a rewarding financial future.

Unlike other mentoring programs, here you will receive access to a highly effective pre-recorded program with an accelerated syllabus that quickly transforms your money story so you can write your own ending.

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In the program, we will work to break down harmful and restrictive money misconceptions, understand hidden occult knowledge about money, and enhance your personal path of prosperity.

Program Topics:

WEALTH: Transform Your Money Story Independent Study Program includes my personal support as your long-distance mentor who is dedicated to guiding and motivating you on your journey to the wealth of your dreams.

At last, you will be able to build the financial stability and freedom that you have always desired thanks to our flagship aura-based rituals and wealth-accelerating tools:

Wealth Rituals

I will design a personal ritual to expand and enhance your wealth story for business, employment, awareness of opportunities, strategy, and more.

Your custom wealth ritual will help restore and renew your intrinsic value, open up a host of financial opportunities, and remove any money blocks that are preventing you from enjoying your legacy of wealth.

When you realize that you have permanently transformed your wealth story, you will be able to walk lightly and confidently in the strength of your success.

Wealth-Accelerating Tools

With this bracelet, you will be able to recognize the value of other people, situations, and contexts – plus wealth will be more easily attracted to you.

In this way, you will be able to synchronize your wealth consciousness with your new reality, inviting in even more opportunities and rewards.

Cellular Wealth Restructuring

This unique ritual will clear you of generational wealth blocks, renew your energies, repair damaged cellular systems, restore your money blueprint, and unblock your creativity and wealth-building chakras.

Welcome to the Realm of Divine Financial Power