The Secret to Communication with Spirits

This is for those that want to improve their psychic communication skills and further unlock the powers of their soul.

I have done daily meditations of up to 18 hours per day for over 3 to 4 years and I have reached the point where I could see spirits or talk to them.

An old friend just told me to astral travel which at that point I have never done before.

However, I did it and that was a huge lesson for me, and I want to explain what this means for you.

It is important that you believe and know that you can communicate with spirits.

In fact, you are doing it every night when you are asleep, but you forget it all when you are waking up.

Meditations, Pineal Gland & Third Eye Exercises, and all the teachings you find online are all just wasting your time… IF you don’t make the following realization.

You can only learn to communicate by practicing the communication itself instead of doing meditations.

You do not need special meditations or exercises as these do only help to balance your soul, but they do not help you to sense spirits.

We will come to balancing one’s soul in a moment as well.

You need to understand that you need to start doing rituals, cast spells, do evocations and invocations, and start talking to spirits EVEN WHEN YOU CANNOT SENSE THEM RIGHT NOW.

Stay open, become silent, and then observe what you are receiving.

If you are not receiving anything, then go on and continue to practice rituals, spells, evocations, invocations, and direct communications where you talk to the Gods.

That is the trick. That is the gold key. That is the secret.

It is so simple and long enough people have deceived the masses with fake information.

Use this SIMPLE but TRUE information and get it done.

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