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Discover profound 3- or 6-month 1:1 private coaching tailored exclusively for people seeking alignment in their personal life, love, business, spirituality, and/or purpose.

Salim Elias Halder, known as Anewbiz, serves as your mentor in unlocking the potential within you through a potent fusion of subconscious healing and reprogramming expertise and spiritual recalibration. Embark on a transformative journey towards fulfillment, freedom, and joy as you dissolve inner and outer obstacles and embrace your divine radiance. Your path to transformation commences here, guided by the expertise of Anewbiz.

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Unlock the Power Within

Ever felt a yearning

for more in life?

My unique approach taps into the depths of your conscious and subconscious mind, invoking spiritual energies to create a powerful catalyst for change. Imagine a life where your mind is in harmony, your spirit is awakened, desires are achieved and your true potential is unleashed.

Embrace a Life of Fulfillment

Picture a life where every day is a step closer to your true self. Experience the magic of aligning your conscious and subconscious mind, embracing your spirituality, and unlocking the limitless possibilities within you.

Break free from limitations, discover inner peace, and create a reality that reflects your deepest desires. Let’s break down how this process looks like:

1 Discover Yourself

The 30-minute Discovery and Analysis Session is your gateway to a personalized roadmap for transformation.

Delve deep into your life, identify obstacles, your desires and receive your life-obstacle analysis and your personalized transformation plan.

Get to know me and discuss every detail you want to change. You will gain clarity over your situation, what your next steps to your desires could be and how I can help you transforming your life. Be rest assured that you will leave this call with life-changing value.

For just $45, this session is your first step to a real-life transformation.

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2 Break Free

In this stage, we delve deeply into your mind to locate and eliminate obstacles, heal past trauma and negative belief patterns that prevent you from reaching your full potential, and reprogram your brain to accept, attract, and manifest your heart's desires.

You may find that this is a life-altering event that has an immediate effect on your life, brings you closer to your goals, and lays the groundwork for a spiritual realignment.

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3 Rise Higher

In the third stage of our coaching program, we focus on removing spiritual blockages and aligning you with your true self. This involves cleansing negativity, parasites, curses, and spells, while also restoring your aura and shielding you from future influences.

We accelerate trauma healing, realign chakras for optimal functioning, and explore your spiritual inclinations. This phase aims to identify potential destinies, navigate life lessons, and ensure a clear path to your current goals.

It's a concise yet comprehensive recalibration of your spiritual self for a more fulfilled and aligned life.

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4 Succeed Forever

In the fourth and culminating step of our coaching program, we seamlessly align your body, mind, and soul with your desires and destiny, ushering in lasting fulfillment across life, business, love, and spirituality. The preceding steps have prepared you for the life you envision, and in this pivotal stage, we bring all elements together for you to embrace and enjoy the life you've imagined.

Once your desires materialize, I have a special gift for you—a transfer of wisdom and keys to unlock the power within your own soul. This unique offering empowers you to independently manifest any desire, eliminating the need for external assistance. With this newfound ability for self-help, you'll possess the tools to shape your destiny at will, fostering a sustainable and fulfilling life on your terms.

We could work together if this is you:

You Want Personalized 1 on 1 Sessions To Get Better & Quicker Results

You Want To Work On Your Consciousness & Subconsciousness To Transform You Into A Magnet That Attracts A Wonderful Destiny

You Are Ready For Trauma Healing To Remove Inner Blockages From Holding You Back From Your Goals (Often Clients Realize Trauma During Sessions As Our Mind Suppresses Trauma. Therefore You Might Not Be Aware Of A Trauma And How It Affects Your Daily Life)

You Are Ready For Negative Energy, Karma & Unwanted Magic Removal To Free Yourself From Exhausting Baggage That’s Been Dragging You Down

You Want Spiritual And Therapeutic Approaches For Body, Mind & Soul Alignment To Manifest Your Desires

You Want To Permanently Transform Your Life To Experience Fulfillment, Peace, & Joy.

Mysterious Power In The Hands

Your Destiny Awaits.

Start Your Transformation Now!

Transform your consciousness, empower your spirit, and embrace a life of limitless possibilities.

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The Fusion of Spirituality and Therapy

I am your partner in transformation. My methods combine ancient spiritual wisdom with modern therapeutic techniques, providing a holistic approach to your well-being. I am dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of your mind and soul.